Flower of Life Elixir of Immortality is a powerful alchemical spagyric made from the sacred Blue Lotus, Nymphaea Caerulea. Blue Lotus was used in ancient Egypt and India as a key to longevity and fertility, providing prana and nourishment to the Ka or Light Body and for elevating higher states of consciousness.

For thousands of years Blue Lotus has been used as a general tonic that enhances sexual pleasure and libido and stimulates good health and well being. No ritual or ceremony was complete without the addition of the Blue Lotus flower. Blue Lotus contains phytosterols, bioflavonoids, and phosphodiastrates, the active eco-sexual, plant based hormonal ingredients of Viagra. Many people have lost their symbiotic and sensual connections with the Earth and their bodies are starving for the unique phto-active hormones that the sex organs of fruits, and flowers, particularly the Blue Lotus provide.

In ancient Vedic texts the sacred Blue Lotus, Nymphaea Caerulea or Nymphaea Nouchali is called Ambal and is the national flower of Sri Lanka where it is known as Nil Manel or Nil Mahanel. Nil means blue in Sinhala the Sinhalese name of this plant is often rendered as Blue Lotus in English. The Utpala flower also translated as Blue Lotus is considered on of the top 10 most sacred flowers listed in the Ayra Sanghata Sutra (a Mahayana Buddhist scripture).

Modern researchers claim that Blue Lotus is as good as if not better than Ginseng for a tonic, Arnica for pain, Ginkgo Giloba for circulation, and Viagra for sexual vitality. It is reported that Blue Lotus creates an uplifting sense of well-being much like Kava or St. John’s Wort. No other flower in history can compare to it’s physical, magical and spiritual significance which dates back thousands of years. We take no short cuts and follow the ancient doctrines and scriptures according to the authentic magical rituals and all our products are lovingly prepared during the correct planetary correspondences. Our extended process allows for the healing properties of the herbs to be fully extracted in the elixir. If you want the finest Blue Lotus available then you have come to the right place.

Dr. Carmen Boulter, Producer and Director of the Pyramid Code research has discovered that the Blue Lotus was used by the Egyptians to reach altered and higher levels of consciousness and astral travel. The Blue Lotus was used to reach a visionary state, explore out of body experiences and navigate realms beyond the physical. No other flower in history has such spiritual significance.

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