otus Alchemy brings the long forgotten, ancient art of alchemy into the modern age and strives to create the finest ascension products in the world. We support other alchemists, artisans, indigenous medicine people, and small businesses and healers who create natural elixirs, lotions, potions, oils, mannas, metaphysical state elixirs from gold, copper, exotic plants, minerals, and other natural products and superfoods for the betterment of the health and well being of humanity, all in alignment and in symbiosis with Nature. All manna is made fresh and in small batches using the finest organic, raw, earth based materials. Manna and other plant medicines are our holy sacraments. All products, books and services listed on the Lotus Alchemy website are unique and one-of-a-kind for the ascension and up-liftment and betterment of humanity, the Earth and the environment.

Ancient myths and legends in every culture including the bible itself speak about immortal men and women living beyond a thousand years and thriving on manna, magical elixirs, white stones, nectars, waters of life, and ambrosias. We believe that these living waters, foods and elixirs of immortality were actually made and extracted from soils, waters, plants and mineral deposits with high potency ascension mineral, and elemental content and their bodies thrived on these Light enhancing nutrients. We also believe that these materials are superconductors and may carry the energy of the life-force in all living things.

Many people report miraculous healing effects from healing springs, like Lourdes Water of Lourdes France. These sacred “living” water sources are our life springs, water of life, and literally, the fountain of youth, spoken about in myths and legends and are filled with ionic minerals and metaphysical materials. Many have journeyed far and wide in search of the golden elixir of life or waters of immortality.  Everyone has heard of El Dorado and the quest of Ponce De Leon, the Holy Grail, Shangrala, the Arc of the Covenant, the manna of Moses. Every native culture and religion speaks about sacred plants, golden elixirs and sacred springs. Lotus alchemy is dedicated to bringing this precious, ancient, technology to the modern age, into the light and out of the shadows. We believe humanity is ready to receive this knowledge and these magical elixirs and mineral and spirit plant essences and want to make them available to the select few who have the calling.

As you can imagine this information has always been closely guarded by secret societies to protect it’s delicate nature from those with malicious will and intent. Today we can witness what atrocities can happen when greed and control are in power and how it literally destroys our delicate ecosystems. Many healing springs and water sources are being rapidly depleted and polluted. Because of our depleted minerals in our soils and poor diets we believe that the ormus or m-state minerals are required for self sustainability and healthy body, mind and spirit and to replenish and rejuvenate our weakened waters and ecosystems and restore balance. Be aware that Lotus Alchemy supports small family operations and supplies are freshly made and can be limited and in great demand. Please allow time and patience with all orders. These proprietary processes, which were once known only by medicine people have arisen in our modern age for the good of all and Lotus Alchemy wants to make them available to the true seeker.

We follow an Earth based religion and are active members of SomaVeda NAC, NAIC, Native American Indigenous Church Inc. SomaVeda NAC NAIC is an incorporated Native American Church. We do not offer products, services or ceremonies to the general public. You support the earth and indigenous people and cultures when you support Lotus Alchemy and SomaVeda.

It is time to start behaving as if the Creator, or Light in all life matters. This Light, or Life Force or Sacred Fire within all Life wants to become known and available to us. Lotus Alchemy wants to make this knowledge and these natural products readily available to the true seeker and to those with a calling to connect more fully with themselves and the Universal energies, and to flood their bodies with these special quantum nutrients. It is our right to be sacred sovereign beings and we are committed to helping humanity wake up to this basic understanding. It is our intention to awaken and raise the vibration of humanity and all life on Earth, and it is with honor and great pleasure that we gift these fine products to you and assist you in your spiritual ascension and road to wellness and wholeness.

Thank you for stopping by we appreciate your support!

Lotus Alchemy is a religious and educational organization. We rely on donations for products and services and are in gratitude for each and everyone who contributes their time, donations and services. For this reason we have a no-refund policy on all registrations for any classes, meetings or ceremonies we offer. If there is compelling reason a Participant cannot attend a class, meeting or ceremony, we offer similar value in credit toward future events or offerings. A 10% admin fee will be applied. Each situation is treated with utmost compassion for the exchange involved.

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