Chris Emmons



hris is an accomplished alchemist, pharmacist and author of the book Ormus Modern Day Alchemy: Primer of Ormus Collection Processes. Christine graduated from Pharmacy school in 1976 and owned a Pharmacy in Pontiac, Michigan until 1991 when she moved to South Florida. She observed alternative healing modalities in action as a close friend underwent a serious health crisis and this experience sparked an interest in the subject that led to knowledge of the Ormus material and its beneficial effects. Having a pharmacy background, she desired to know how to collect Ormus from fresh water seawater,organic matter, minerals and metals.

Beginning in 2004 Christine devoted herself to finding and learning from those who could teach and explain proper technique. These included Ormus Researchers and a well-known commercial Alchemist. A friend, having heard about the culmination of these efforts, verbalized how the Ormus community-both current and future-could benefit by having a manual of Ormus collection processes and that Chris embodied professional training and personal traits to complete such a work. Because Chris never forgot how it feels to yearn for the knowledge of Ormus collection processes she began work on such a manual. It is now available to the Ormus community and the world. In addition to this work, Chris is an active member of the Ormus community, sponsors “lab days” that teach Ormus collection processes and is a member of the International Alchemy Guild.

Christine Emmons’ Book:
 ‘Ormus – Modern Day Alchemy: Primer of Ormus Collection Processes’


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